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WA man sentenced to SEVEN MONTHS in jail after failing to comply with quarantine directions


A West Australian man has copped a seven-month jail sentence after flouting self-quarantine directions on 15 different occasions.

Paul Andrew Murray, 53, arrived in Perth from Queensland on June 17 and was ordered to self-isolate for 14 days at his Scarborough home, WA Police said.

However, during that 14-day period, Murray had numerous tradespeople to his house to carry out work.

He also had visitors picking up items that he had sold online, and left his home on multiple occasions for hours at a time.

When he confessed to one visitor that he was in self-isolation, he was reported to the police and arrested the following day.

Murray pleaded guilty to 15 charges of failing to comply with a direction and was sentenced to seven months in prison, with two months to be served immediately and five months suspended.

‘Breathtakingly arrogant’

In sentencing, a magistrate described Murray’s actions as “brazen” and “breathtakingly arrogant”.

“You put the whole state of Western Australia at risk,” Magistrate Edward De Vries said.

“It has been some 15 months since this virus hit the scene and it has caused an immeasurable amount of misery to individuals and to businesses.

“Many people have died and it is mind-boggling that people can still flout the rules and put whole communities at risk.”

De Vries said a “powerful message” needed to be sent that flouting quarantine directions was not acceptable.

The sentence has been backdated to July 3.


Source: 7News Pip Christmass Published 13 July 2021