Upgrade Your Fire Safety Evacuation Diagram in Newcastle

With some of the recent changes in safety compliance regulation, namely the 2010 version of AS3745, the requirements for fire safety evacuation diagrams in Newcastle have been updated and expanded. Making sure your posted diagram is in line with the new requirements not only protects you from being labelled as non-compliant, but it also ensures the safety of your facilities. After all, having an outdated evacuation plan can spell trouble in an emergency and it’s important for everyone to be on the same page before something happens.

If your current evacuation diagram has not been updated since November 2010, it is time to re-evaluate the fire safety evacuation diagram you’re using in your Newcastle facilities. To make sure your diagram is up to date, contact SafeGuard today, and our talented team can review your evacuation diagram to ensure that they meet all the current requirements.

Along with reviewing your diagram, which can incorporate stylistic elements such as your company’s logo and colours, SafeGuard can conduct a free GAP analysis, designed to locate oversights and shortfalls in your emergency safety plans so you can address them before they become a real problem. Taking a personal approach, we’re careful to understand the needs of every organisation we work with, and tailor the solutions we suggest to your needs and abilities. This approach makes it easier to stay compliant and, more importantly, safe in the event of an emergency.