Plan Your Fire Safety Emergency Procedure and Sketch out Your Evacuation Diagram with the Help of Sydney’s SafeGuard Compliance Solutions

Under Australian Standard 3745, all businesses and facilities in Australia are required to display evacuation diagrams in visible locations. A variety of other rules apply and dictate precisely what elements you must include in an evacuation diagram. However, the simple fact is that, if your facility does not have an accurate and up to date evacuation diagram, then you are non-compliant with AS 3745. To avoid a penalty for non-compliance , it’s essential to create and display evacuation diagrams immediately.

At SafeGuard Compliance Solutions, we can assist you with your workplace fire evacuation plan in Sydney. Whether you are about to open the doors of a brand-new facility or have recently renovated in a way that changed the layout of your workspace, you should work with an experienced company to create a new evacuation diagram. Our team is adept at helping businesses meet the many requirements of AS 3745, this one included.

Planning Your Workplace Fire Emergency Procedure in Sydney

When you team up with SafeGuard Compliance Solutions, we can help you with every step of preparing a fire safety evacuation diagram. Of course, a layout of your building by itself isn’t enough. You also need to consider the design of the building and figure out the quickest exit paths for employees in different locations. This process can be more complicated than it seems at first. Simply put, it’s best to leave the escape plan to someone that is experienced with fire safety, building evacuation and AS 3745 compliance.

At SafeGuard, we take the time to get to know your business and building. This attention to detail has made us a go-to partner for workplace fire emergency procedures in Sydney for the past 12 years. By coming in and taking ownership of the project, we can strategise a fire evacuation plan that makes sense for your building.

With a fire escape plan tentatively mapped out, we will set to work translating it to a compliant fire safety evacuation diagram. We know exactly what features each diagram needs, including marked locations for fire safety equipment (extinguishers, hydrants, fire blankets, etc.), ‘You Are Here’ markers and a legend to denote any symbols. Before finalising the fire safety evacuation diagram for your Sydney business, we will review it thoroughly to make sure we have met every compliance requirement.

Working with SafeGuard to Achieve Fire Safety in Your Building

Fire safety is about more than having a detailed evacuation diagram. On the contrary, the diagram is only the beginning. You must have fire wardens to take control of the situation in the fire threat and conduct regular fire drills to ensure everyone knows what do do. However, having that evacuation diagram posted throughout your building can undoubtedly save lives and is a must for both compliance and safety.

If you need a fire safety evacuation plan in Sydney, don’t hesitate to give us a call at SafeGuard Compliance Solutions. We look forward to helping your business achieve safety and compliance.