Procure a Thorough and Easy to Understand Fire Safety Evacuation Diagram for Your Wollongong Business

Does your staff know where to go in the event of an emergency, such as a fire? “Outside of the building” is the obvious answer, but what is often not so obvious, especially in larger buildings, is the safest and fastest route to escaping the danger. For that reason, the display of a fire safety evacuation diagram in your Wollongong business is a mandatory requirement under AS3745-2010. These diagrams, which contain a wealth of valuable information and must be clearly visible in several locations around your building, can enable individuals to both exit in an emergency and prepare in advance of such a situation.

SafeGuard Compliance Solutions, a leading industry provider for more than a decade, offers a fast and straightforward way to procure the fire safety evacuation diagram you need in Wollongong. By sending our consultants to visit your site and map out the best egress routes possible, we can create a robust layout that will serve its purpose well. Additionally, we are happy to include your business branding to ensure this mandatory diagram fits into your business atmosphere.

At SafeGuard Compliance Solutions, our team takes pride in our ability to deliver a rapid turnaround in this area. When your business requires a new or updated fire safety evacuation diagram in Wollongong, make our team your first call. We’ll send qualified team members out to your site as soon as possible to begin inspections to determine the best way to create your diagram. Contact us today.