One-Time Workplace Training Isn’t Enough: Update Your Corporate Fire Safety Training in Sydney Today

It’s an easy assumption to make: once you’ve gone through the process of training your staff how to handle fire safety matters, you’re all set. You’ve done the training, as required by Australian law, and now you are compliant. In reality, though, compliance is more complicated. Indeed, you might need to schedule corporate fire safety training for your Sydney business sooner than you think.

Australian Standard 3745 dictates the minimum requirements regarding ‘Planning for Emergencies in Facilities.’ As you might expect, fire safety matters fall into this category. One of the rules laid forth by this standard is that businesses and other facilities must conduct at least two training sessions every year. Said another way, fire safety training is not a one-off deal. Instead, it is something you need to keep up with on an ongoing basis.

Why Is So Much Training Required?

The question many business owners or facility operators ask is ‘Why is so much training necessary?’ Why can’t you just hire a company to provide workplace fire safety training in Sydney and be done with it?

There are a few answers this question. The first and most straightforward is that Australian law demands ongoing training. Whether you think AS 3745 overreaches or not, the fact is that every business is required to abide by the standard’s requirements. Failure to do so can be extremely costly. How costly, you may ask? For a corporation, the penalty where is negligence is proven can range from $500,000 to $3 million.

The potential financial consequences of failing to comply with Australian safety regulations should be enough to convince any organisation that staunch compliance is a must. Of course, there are other reasons as well. For one thing, employees are consistently switching jobs, leaving businesses, or moving around in organisations. Someone who was appointed as a fire warden for a floor a year ago may no longer work for your company or might be working out in the field regularly and therefore not a good candidate for the role. Regular fire safety training in Sydney can help identify and close these gaps before they lead to major problems.

Finally, it’s important to remember that your employees aren’t using the skills and strategies they learn in fire safety training on a daily basis. This lack of use is a good thing, as you would naturally prefer that your team members never need to respond to an active fire situation. However, it can also lead to rusty skills or forgotten evacuation plans. Either can jeopardise lives.

Plan for Ongoing Corporate Fire Safety Training in Sydney

At SafeGuard Compliance Solutions, our workplace fire safety training in Sydney is designed to exceed compliance guidelines rather than meet them. Our preference is to establish long-term relationships with our clients where we are training their Fire Wardens. This regular training not only ensures compliance but also helps to train staff to face other emergencies such as gas leaks, bomb threats, armed aggression, medical emergencies, armed hold up all while helping keep their skills and tactics sharp. If your employees need to respond to a threat, you can bet that our training will leave them well equipped to do it.

Are you interested in learning more about our corporate fire safety training in Sydney? If so, please get in touch today.