Learn About Types of Fire Extinguishers with Fire Safety Training in Bathurst

SafeGuard Compliance Solutions provides compliance evaluations, response plans, and on-site employee training. Our instruction includes corporate fire safety training to teach how to prevent fires and how to react during an emergency. Fire extinguishers are specific to the types of fire, and our training ensures you have the appropriate fire extinguishers on hand and your employees understand which kind to use.

Fires are classified as A, B, or C depending on the fuel source. Class A fires burn when materials such as wood, paper, plastics, and fabrics ignite. Fires are Class B when flammable liquids such as gasoline, cooking oil, or kerosene are on fire. Fires caused by electrical equipment are Class C and require an extinguisher that is not conductive.

The ingredients in extinguishers vary and put out particular classes of fires. Some examples include water and foam, carbon dioxide, dry or wet chemicals and each one is classified as A, B, or C depending on the type of fire it extinguishes.

Our safety training includes determining which types of fires are most likely to occur at your business so that you know which kinds of extinguishers to stock and where to store them. Having the correct extinguisher near a likely ignition point saves time, property, and lives. The fire safety training in Bathurst involves how to use the extinguishers as well. To ensure you comply and keeping your employees safe contact SafeGuard Compliance Solutions.