Workplace Fire Safety Training in Campbelltown for Corporate Compliance

With new regulations and updates all the time, it can take a lot to make sure your corporation is compliant with Work Health and Safety (WHS) requirements. While this takes an investment of time, it’s well worth it. Not only can a history of non-compliance reflect poorly on your company, but these regulations are also designed to keep you and your workers safe.

Thankfully, getting effective fire safety training in Campbelltown is easy thanks to SafeGuard. With an experienced staff that’s been conducting workplace fire training for over a decade, the SafeGuard team can keep you up to date and even conduct an overview to help you identify gaps in your safety protocol and training regimen. Once we’ve helped you determine what you need, our corporate fire safety training will give you all the tools to fill in the gaps.

There are three levels of training we can provide that cover all the essentials for fire safety compliance and help you reduce risk. First, we start with evacuation training, which focuses on the basics of fire safety and includes the selection of a Fire Warden and an Emergency Control Organisation. The next two segments of our fire safety training focus on fire equipment training and give you a chance to train with important equipment hands-on as well as run an evacuation drill. At the end of all three segments, you’ll receive a completion certificate in line with AS3745 that certifies your organisation has met these requirements. Get in touch now to schedule your training.