Fire Safety Training for Your Corporate Offices or Workplace Available in Newcastle Now

If you own or operate a corporate facility or any other kind of workplace, you must ensure that it is a safe place for your personnel to work. Workplace hazards exist in almost every professional space, corporate or otherwise. However, there are only a few workplace hazards that can be considered ubiquitous—which is to say that they remain universal potential hazards. For example, no matter what kind of a business you run, there is almost certainly some risk that a fire could break out. Many common machines and tools found in workspaces have the potential to be fire risks, which means that you must have a plan for dealing with fire if one ever occurs in your workplace.

The Need for Fire Safety Training in Newcastle

Having a plan of action to mitigate the consequences of a fire in the workplace is more than simple common sense. It is also mandated by Australian law. AS3745 sets out the minimum requirements for planning for emergencies in facilities, including fires in corporate offices and other workplaces. Some businesses view the Australian Standards as irritating guidelines that can be dismissed or ignored—but a word of warning—this attitude can have numerous and tangible consequences. Not only could you find yourself liable in the event of a workplace fire for which your facility was not properly prepared, but you could also find yourself dealing with “failure of duty of care” or worse “negligence”. There are also the potential health and safety hazards a fire could pose to people on your premises.

What You’ll Gain when You Set Up Safety Training for Your Workplace

The solution is to invest in detailed and thorough fire safety training in Newcastle. Proper workplace fire safety training helps Newcastle businesses stay prepared for fire-related emergencies by providing their fire wardens and other personnel with the knowledge that can save their lives. When you contact an established and qualified company to provide your business with corporate fire safety training in Newcastle, you and your employees will learn about the following vital areas:

  • Identifying fire hazards in the workplace and treating them to minimise risk.
  • Learning about what to do (and what not to do) in case of a fire that breaks out on the property.
  • Creating escape plans and making sure that all members of the staff are familiar with them.
  • Familiarising your office with details of the Work Health & Safety Regulations so that everyone is aware of them.

SafeGuard Compliance Solutions has provided detailed educational presentations and training programs on all of the above for over 12 years, and we are prepared to bring our fast and professional service to your company as well. Trust us to deliver information that can keep you and the people you depend on as safe as possible from fire-related hazards. Contact us at your first available opportunity to learn more, and speak with a representative who will be pleased to answer any questions that you may have.