Fire Safety Training in Parramatta with SafeGuard Compliance Solutions

Work Health and Safety Regulations have been enacted to keep employees and visitors safe. This requires corporations to have emergency action plans in place. Becoming and staying compliant can be a daunting task but SafeGuard Compliance Solutions have the knowledge and experience in fire prevention and evacuation, and can help your business implement the training require to meet the standard.

Fires cause loss of life and damage to property every year which is why having prevention and preparedness protocol is so important. A complete plan requires attention to detail in many different areas for which we are highly qualified. Our fire training incorporates:

  • Creating a fire evacuation plan including designing specific routes to exit the building and evacuation diagrams displaying the directions.
  • Writing a site specific fire prevention plan which addresses the storage and use of flammable materials and equipment that produces heat as well as housekeeping procedures.
  • Workplace fire training for staff which includes procedures for prevention, evacuation, and fire extinguisher usage. We help with creating a special crisis management team of employees (known as an emergency central organisation) to assist in regular maintenance and adherence to protocols and to assist during an emergency.
  • Completing inspections to ensure protocols are in place and enacted, and emergency equipment such as backup lights, fire extinguishers, and exit signs are in working order.

Our licenced and knowledgeable staff fully understand the impact of legislation on your business, and we will conduct corporate fire safety training to keep you safe and compliant. Contact SafeGuard Compliance Solutions to schedule your fire safety training in Parramatta today.