Prepare Your Workplace for Anything with Fire Safety Training in Penrith


The call goes up suddenly in your office before an employee pulls the fire alarm. What happens next? The answer to that question is more than theoretical. Structural fires occur in large numbers every year, and your office, warehouse, or other place of business is not immune to the potential risk. Workplace fire training is an essential component not only of compliance with standards such as AS3745 but also of ensuring your staff remains protected in an emergency. Corporate fire safety training can even help to mitigate small fires when they occur, sparing your business from major financial damage.

For fire safety training in Penrith, choose a qualified, reputable and experienced provider motivated not by the potential profit from selling you safety equipment, but by the desire to improve workplace safety. At Safeguard Compliance Solutions, we’ve created a tried and true process that enables us to deliver effective, thorough training that equips your staff with the necessary skills. From training fire wardens to creating accurate evacuation diagrams, we can provide a robust, well-rounded service.

We prefer to partner with businesses that take their compliance obligations seriously. Rather than merely meeting the letter of the law or seeking ways to circumvent the need for compliance, we forge partnerships with those who understand the value inherent in good emergency procedures. To learn more about our available services, explore our page on emergency planning to further evaluate the benefits of proper training for your staff. To discuss options available for your location, call us on 02 9683 4700.