How Corporate and Workplace Fire Safety Training in Wollongong Can Benefit Your Business

Your Wollongong business probably has a fire warden, but fire safety is everyone’s responsibility. There are certain things that all your employees should understand about how to prevent and cope with fires in the workplace—such as where the exits are and how to reach them in case a fire breaks out in the facility. As the employer or owner of the facility in question, you’ll be responsible for making sure everyone has that information and that it’s constantly kept up to date. As such, you may want to invest in professional help with your fire safety training, so your Wollongong facility is always protected as best as possible.

The Value of Fire Safety Training in Wollongong

Workplace fire safety training in Wollongong is essential if you want your company to meet the requirements set forth by the Australian Standards 3745. AS3745 sets out the minimum requirements which govern planning for emergencies in facilities, and it contains numerous regulations in the following eight sections:

  1. Scope and General, which also contains definitions and a list of common abbreviations.
  2. Emergency Planning Committee, which outlines general responsibilities and membership details.
  3. Emergency Plan, which governs key considerations for emergency planning as well as the distribution of such plans to members of the facility in question.
  4. Emergency Response Procedures, including colour codes.
  5. Emergency Control Organisation (or ECO), which outlines primary roles for those tasked with such duties.
  6. Training, including training for occupants and visitors.
  7. Emergency Response Exercises, which keep all staff members aware of the current practices and any impending changes.
  8. Review and Maintenance, which pertains to summarising both the emergency plan itself and the communications systems used to distribute it.

If all the above sounds more complicated than you expected, don’t be alarmed. The fact is that AS3745 can be particularly dense—however, it is important to make sure your business is always in compliance with it so you can maximise workplace safety and reduce risk. For best results, contact a company that can help you by providing corporate fire safety training in Wollongong that will address all the relevant areas listed above.

Give Yourself the Safeguard Advantage

Safeguard Compliance Solutions can give your company the support it needs. Our business has more than 12 years of experience delivering clear and comprehensible fire safety information to clients in numerous sectors so that they can improve their practices and prepare their facilities to be as safe from fire as possible. When you engage Safeguard to present fire safety training programs to your staff, you will benefit from our efficient service and ability to produce relevant evacuation diagrams in short order, ensuring that your employees will receive the information they need quickly and learn how to implement it right away.

Take care of your business and those who work for you by taking care of your fire safety responsibilities. Contact Safeguard Compliance Solutions as soon as possible and speak with a member of our team who will be happy to tell you more.