SafeGuard Compliance Solutions Provide Fire Warden Training in Penrith

Your company’s fire warden is the first line of defence against fire and is a mandatory component to being compliant with AS3745 regulations. SafeGuard Compliance Solutions provides quality fire warden training in Penrith. Our professional staff is highly qualified to ensure your employees work in a safe environment every day through training your fire warden.

When choosing a fire warden for your company, you should look for specific qualities and characteristics. The employee elected to undertake chief fire warden training should be resourceful and be able to solve problems under pressure quickly. Your choice will be responsible for other employees following prevention protocols so he or she should be a leader who conveys information clearly. The fire warden inspects for hazards regularly, so they need to have meticulous attention to detail.

The selected employee must undergo rigorous training so they need to have a workload that can absorb such a responsibility. A part of their workday will be dedicated to their new duties so be careful not to choose someone who already has a full plate. They will be expected to be on-site on a regular basis so don’t pick someone who has many offsite obligations.

Our comprehensive workplace fire warden training not only keeps you in compliance but gives you peace of mind as well. Fire, can cause injures or kills personnel, destroys property, and damages your reputation, but prevention with our training is a much better alternative, so contact SafeGuard Compliance Solutions.