Are You Looking for Workplace Fire Warden Training in Wollongong? Ask These Questions and Find the Right Solution for Your Corporate Space

Does everyone in your Wollongong company know what they need to do in the event of a fire in your workplace? At the very least, your fire warden should have a clear understanding of what needs to happen if a fire occurs. However, not all companies are adequately prepared for and experienced to handle such emergencies, and the consequences of not knowing what to do in such a scenario can be disastrous. Beyond the immediate damage that a fire can cause, you may be subject to additional consequences if it turns out that your fire safety plans were out-dated and people were exposed to the risk of permanent injury and you have failed in your duty of care by being non-compliant.

Why Do You Need to Follow the Australian Standards?

AS3745 is the standard governing all planning for emergencies in facilities. It sets out the minimum requirements in planning for emergencies in facilities. As such, all fire prevention and safety plans should comply with the rules and regulations laid out therein. The standards set are mandatory and as such, choosing not to follow the Australian Standards can result in you and your business breaking the law and being subject to the appropriate penalties—which will almost certainly be more severe if there is significant damage, injury, or loss of life as a result.

The good news is that complying with AS3745 does not have to be difficult. In fact, it can be extremely simple when you seek out the services of professionals who can provide fire warden training for your Wollongong company. Corporate and workplace fire warden training in Wollongong is useful to participating businesses because it allows their designated fire wardens to have current and comprehensive knowledge of how to prevent and deal with fires. A warden whose knowledge is fresh and who has received detailed information pertaining to their duties will be able to provide superior planning and leadership capabilities, keeping everyone in your facility safer than they might be otherwise.

Our Workplace Fire Warden Training Can Help

SafeGuard Compliance Solutions has spent more than 12 years providing workplace and corporate fire warden training to Wollongong businesses and those in nearby areas. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that we provide suitable fire safety training and knowledge for all responsible parties at a given organisation, and even offer chief fire warden training for your chief or deputy chief fire warden. Our insight can help your business by:

  • Making you more proficient in fire and hazard identification.
  • Giving your business the tools to create a functional escape plan in case of a fire.
  • Informing your warden and staff as to the best fire protection practices for your workplace.
  • Empowering your warden to conduct more thorough and accurate regular assessments.

Your corporate facility or other workplace needs fire prevention solutions that keep you in compliance and keep your employees safe. Contact SafeGuard Compliance Solutions at your earliest opportunity and let one of our team members show you how our knowledge can put you all in safer circumstances.