To comply with the regulations, as a PCBU (Person Conducting a Business Undertaking), your duty of care obligations require, as a very minimum:

  • A safe workplace
  • A written and signed Work Health Safety (WHS) Policy & Procedures manual
  • A documented election of Health & Safety representatives
  • Documented consultation process with staff
  • Documented Induction Process and records
  • A training needs assessment
  • Risk Register
  • Training Records
  • Documented Emergency Response Procedures (complying with AS3745-2010) including:
    • Evacuation drills
    • Warden training
    • Fire equipment training
    • Evacuation diagrams
  • Accident Reporting System
  • Documented records of inspection of first aid kits, chemicals, maintenance schedule of safety equipment, Personal Protective Equipment, Safe work Practices, periodic reviews to assess effectiveness of your WHS program, etc.

The purpose of the WHS Act 2011 is to prevent exposure to injuries and illness at work.