“One Off” Training Module

SafeGuard supplementary training modules in the fundamental areas of Emergency Response Procedures. The service is designed to identify and train people as wardens, to deal with an emergency and ensure that staff and tenants are fully aware and trained in emergency procedures.

Warden Training

This training focuses on different types of emergencies, evacuation procedures and the warden’s role and responsibilities.

Training options include:

  • Online, self-paced warden training (read more)
  • Face to face group training

Evacuation Exercise

This evacuation exercise caters for all staff or tenants who are required to vacate the premises via the emergency exits, in a simulation of a real emergency. The evacuation exercise includes an evacuation briefing, a de-briefing following the exercise and an evaluation of performance and preparation of a report. The actual role of SafeGuard is that of an observer. It is critical that the trial evacuation simulate a real emergency which in turn requires the Emergency control Organisation to comprehensively “manage” the activity.

Extinguisher Training

This training session for wardens includes topics such as a practical demonstration in the use of portable fire equipment (where practical), an overview of emergency control procedures, training in the emergency procedures for telephone and bomb threats, chemical, biological and radiological emergency procedures.

Hot Fire Training

A training exercise where all participants get the training required to put out a real fire.