Specialist Services

Fire Safety Audits

A Fire Safety Audit can provide a detailed investigation and review of fire protection and life safety systems within a building.

They are undertaken to determine if the fire safety systems meet, exceed or fall short of nominated benchmarks as described in the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and Australian Standards.

The audits are structured in accordance with Australian Standard 4655 – 2005. They are used to check the current adequacy of components, services and equipment, report on the expected performance and make recommendations for compliance with building acts and codes and the requirement of providing a safe workplace.

The skilled and experienced personnel at SafeGuard provide our clients with the comfort of knowing that their fire safety issues are appropriately identified, managed and addressed through the implementation of a site specific program to achieve compliance.

The SafeGuard Fire Safety Audit will include a walk-through of the facility to examine and report on:

  • Means of Escape
  • Exit Signs
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fire and Smoke Compartments
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Hose Reels
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Automatic Fire Detection Systems
  • Emergency Evacuation Management Plan
  • Evacuation Diagrams
  • Building Emergency Warning System
  • Emergency Standby Power Systems
  • Housekeeping
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Hazardous Materials



In many cases where an alternative fire solution is required to satisfy provisions of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) 2006, a management in use plan (MIU) is required. This plan is different to the emergency procedures manual or emergency management plan.

SafeGuard develops these plans for many architects and fire engineers. Outlined below are some of the key points covered in the MIU plan.

  • Emergency Management Plan in accordance with AS3745-2010
  • Emergency Response Procedures in accordance with AS3745-2010
  • Details building design and fire rated areas
  • Details fire loading limits for the building
  • Details the maintenance schedule for essential services